Pastor Joe Alvarado

Assisting his parents in the planting of Denver Spanish Foursquare Church at the age of fourteen, Joe began ministering to his peer group, eventually becoming the youth pastor and leading many of his unchurched friends to the Lord.

During high school, Joe and two of his friends formed the Christian rap group formerly known as God’s New Creation (later changed to Kandle), recording two independent albums and two nationally released albums under Grapetree Records, Inc.

While ministering across the country alongside other Christian artists/bands such as Jackie Velasquez and The Newsboys, Joe discovered his passion for reaching and teaching the Emerging Generation. This passion led him to follow in his parents’ footsteps, planting Eternal Rock Fellowship Church in Denver. Joe also serves in the Gateway District of Foursquare Churches.

Joe’s passion for discipling the Emerging Generation is displayed through his creative teaching topics and style: constantly utilizing Multimedia as a means to getting his message across! Joe resides in Centennial, Colorado.